How are we handling COVID?


Our policy

We will adhere to the latest CDC and State guidelines regarding summer camps for all campers and staff attending the camp.

Upon daily arrival to camp, we will have a drop off point, where the campers will be received outside of the facility by the camp staff.  Each camper will be screened according to guidelines as well as temperatures taken and all information recorded daily.  Additionally, the campers will be screened throughout the day, which will also be recorded on the daily log.


The campers will be assigned to small groups according to the current CDC guidelines with at least 1 to 10 ratio.  The campers will remain in the same group with the assigned counselor for the duration of the camp.  This will help to develop the necessary relationship and allow the counselor the ability to have an awareness of the camper, in the event of any issues. 

The facilities will be cleaned in the evening and common areas will be cleaned throughout the day to minimize any possible exposure to COVID-19 or any other possible illnesses.


The campers will play in small groups and eat lunch within their assigned areas on a daily basis.

No outsiders will be allowed inside of the camp area in an effort to prevent the exposure or further spread of COVID-19 in our area.

Continued coordination will be ongoing with our nurse as well as the Hoke County Health Care Coordinator to ensure that any and all CDC and state safety updates have been received and made known to all staff members.