Young Ambassadors Summer Camp goal is to  provide campers with a safe, supervised, and enriching summer environment where those in attendance develop positive relationships during a fun and learning based summer program. The summer program also seeks to provide parents a structured, yet engaging, setting where they can feel comfortable allowing their children to spend weeks working on new learning experiences. Parents will have a program that is safe and secure, enriching, exciting, which can also introduce or broaden their knowledge of support services available in the local community. Our efforts to produce a quality summer program include five major goal components: 

1. Safety and risk management.

We strongly believe in “safety, safety, safety!” We maintain a low and compliant adult staff-to-camper ratio of 1:10 in separate areas to ensure large groups are eliminated. We work hard to help our campers develop safety-conscious mindsets and look for ways to transfer this mindset to life back home.



2. Personal growth.

Much of the summer camp experience is making space for kids to become their “best selves.” We create a playful and supportive community with high expectations for behavior, character, and responsibility for group success. Our camp includes a journaling and personal exploration component that will help each young person to explore their thoughts and feelings, as well as allow them to freely express themselves.


3. Age-appropriate activities and skills.

With the current health concerns, we have tailored activities from many of the traditional camp activities and also included virtual experiences and individual activity based themes. The campers will have many opportunities to step out of their comfort zones and learn new skills while improving existing ones. 

4. A kind and caring community.

Our welcoming environment is based on modeling appropriate behavior and ensuring a fully inclusive setting that enables campers to form friendships while learning from their counselors and camp leaders. As much as campers enjoy the many fun activities, it’s the joy of the new experiences and the sense of belonging to something new and unique that is set-up with safety and fun in mind. 

5. Don't forget the fun!

And, perhaps most the important goal of all, fun!

Children have worked hard this year and many have been in one state of quarantine or another; so camp provides a great reward that they will look forward to yearly, but especially this year. It is our number one goal to see smiling faces and fun camp wide! 

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Our Staff

Fallon Procter, Director


Fallon Procter is the visionary that invested himself into creating a camp because of his passion for providing the best for future generations. He is a 23 year Army Veteran and Senior Pastor of Ambassadors For Christ Worship Center, who serves as the sponsor for the Summer Camp.  Given his professional leadership he will foster an environment that enables the children to build confidence, structure and allow self discovery.His innovative methods to combine learning and fun have been a stable template for the programs success.

Tarrah  Jones, Assistant Director


Tarrah is a teacher at a local private school who has brought her training, eye for detail and creativity to Young Ambassadors Camp. Tarrah’s passion for children is what drives her to go above and beyond by connecting outside resources to children who may not have otherwise experienced them.  After many years working with youth, in every capacity from camp counselor to school administrator, Tarrah has coordinated a list of unique and memorable experiences to motivate and inspire this year's summer camp attendees. 

Nathan Jones, Assistant Director


There is no better person to handle Young Ambassadors Camp activities than Nathan Jones. As a previous Georgia Parks and Recreation director and now as a youth coach and mentor he has first hand experience with planning and implementation of all types of activities that will engage our youth and bring the maximum structured activities while maintaining a safe and fun environment.